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The Sustainability Story

The Sustainability Story presented by CFA Institute is an audio interview series of conversations with thought leaders in the world of ESG integration and sustainability. The topics include anything and everything about where finance intersects with environment, governance, sustainability, social, climate change, biodiversity, human capital management, sustainable investing, impact investing, regulations, standards, and more.  

Jul 8, 2024

In this episode of the Sustainability Story podcast, Nicole Gehrig, Director of Global Industry Standards at CFA Institute, is joined by Lindsey Stewart, CFA, Director of Stewardship Research and Policy at Morningstar Sustainalytics. Together, they explore key themes in the realm of stewardship. Lindsey shares his insights on how institutional shareholders are approaching proxy voting and engagements that focus on environmental and social issues. Key topics covered include say on climate votes, the influence of proxy advisors, collaborative initiatives, and the significance of voluntary stewardship codes. The discussion highlights how regulatory differences in Europe and the US impact the prioritization of sustainability themes by investors on both sides of the Atlantic.